hajdunanas_hungaryAfter Italy and Germany, Hungary will organize the competition of the Heki Family in the next three years (2015-2017). The 7th. Heki Taikai takes place at the town of Hajdúnánás this year.

Beyond that Hajdúnánás is extraordinary place for tourism, in case of the Heki Tournament there are two thematic relations. From one hand József “White Wolf” Mónus, owner of several world records in traditional long-distance archery, was born here.On the other hand there is also a Kendo club of martial arts in the town.

The whole world can be very small, where strange connections made by the faith. Two different style of archery, two Japanese martial arts, and two city meet and help each other at Hajdúnánás.

We are really glad for the support of the town, and we are happy that the first Heki Taikai is organized at Hajdúnánás.

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