Greetings from Prof. Mori Toshio to the 1st international heki taikai:

1st international heki taikai
1-3 may 2009 – Pallanza – Italy


Professor at Kyudo Research Center laboratory
Faculty of Physical Education
University of Tsukuba
Mori Toshio


Prof. Mori Toshio Sensei

Congratulation for the 1st Heki Ryu International Meeting of Kyudo.

I have received from the meeting secretary an invitation, but for different reasons I cannot attend: therefore I am sending you my regards and best wishes via this letter.

Italy, Mr. Walter Albini, has planned and proposed this meeting, which is opening today and I think it is a very meaningful event. With this opening, different countries are beginning to exchange information on Kyudo and also wish for a communication exchange between archers of the Heki Ryu. Moreover, I believe that repetition of this event will be a motivation for other countries to get to know Kyudo. I think it will serve mainly as a stimulus for young archers. I believe that nowadays the internet will become a source of information on Kyudo in those European countries where it is not practiced yet, and a base for development of the Heki Ryu.

I think we have arrived at this meeting originating from Inagaki Seneseis mission in Hamburg in 1969. from there we have reached Italy, Finland, and Austria. As well as these countries today the practice has arrived in Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia. I believe the meeting opening today is the fruit of 40 years long exchange.

This is a poem by Insai Sensei:

like a small stream
becomes a big river
thus, may the Insais way spread out
the yomogis arrow

(This wordless poem – Mugonka – is the 25th poem devoted to archers studying at the Insais School and probably it should rather be recited than read).

The original letter

The original letter

The poem celebrates the development of the School Insai Ha. I am trying to figure out the emotion and joy Insai Sensei would feel if he could see this meeting. I deeply feel that the correct shooting technique of the Heki Ryu Insai Ha is the fundamental strength of tradition.

This first meeting will be attended by 17 teams from different countries, and I thing it is half way to success. In the future, if thanks to you, the meeting gives good results, success will be complete.

Finally, I hope that archers from different countries will obtain, through this event, friendship and mutual help to develop the true school Insai Ha and correct shooting technique.
Today, “taihen omedeto gozaimasu”.

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