7th International Heki Taikai – Kyudo Competition in Hajdunanas

Between the 1st and 3rd of May, 2015 the Heki Taikai – kyudo competition is going to be organized in Hungary for the first time, it`s home is going to be Hajdunanas  –  announced Tibor Szollath,  the Mayor of Hajdunanas on the 6th of February during a press conference.

heki_taikai_hungary_announcement-1024x551Tibor Szollath expressed his pleasure that such an important and highly respected competition is going to take place in our town, because of which not only will the spread of  Japanese culture advanced, but in addition significant results might be achieved in the tourism industry as well.

Jozsef Monus, archery world champion highlighted during the press conference that this competition is so unique, because, in addition to the world renown masters, a style of archery is coming to our country that has possibly best preserved the shape of the bows, the thousand year old culture of archery, and during this competition will show its use.

The very best archers of the Heki to Ryu, the school of battlefield archery, will be present at the international competition – said Tamas Olah, the leader of the Bukyukai  Kyudo Dojo and president of the organizing committee.  According to him, during early registration 21 international teams have registered, however, this number is likely to grow until the event.  There are teams coming from Japan, Germany, Italy, Finland, Norway, Austria, Poland and Croatia, among others, which guarantees a really high quality and enjoyable competition, emphasized Tamas Olah.

Source: Translation of original article on the official web page of Hajdunanas www.hajdunanas.hu

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