Greetings: 2017 Heki Taikai!

On 28th of April 2017 starts the 9th International Heki Taikai. Hungary – following Italy and Germany in the row – the third time has the opportunity to organize this competition. We hope that our Hungarian Heki school will worthily closes this series of competition respect both the organisation and results. Yet receiving the feedbacks from the participating dojos. During this time we frequently updating our homepage according to the received informations.

Like in the previous year, in 2017 there will be a two days seminar of Toshio Mori sensei. In this years sensei will arrive with his wife to Hajdúnánás.

Organisation of this seminar not be able without the massive support of city of Hajdúnánás and the caring of the Japan-Hungarian international relationship, and without the emphasised support of the Mayor of Hajdúnánás, Mr. Tibor Szólláth.

We hope that the caring of the Japan-Hungarian international relationship will be permanent after closing of the competition series as like the caring of connection the relationship of the two cities of Hajdúnánás and Budapest.

Ganbatte kudesai!

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