Results of the 8th Heki Taikai

heki_taikai_seminar_2016This year the International Heki Taikai (the friendly competition of the heki kyudo archers from all over the globe) was held again in Hungary, in the city Hajdúnánás, by the Hungarian Kyudo team Bukyukai Kyudojo (from Budapest ). This was the 8th time since 2009 when the Heki Taikais started with the initiative of Professor Mori.
This year was a special time because the days before the competition a  seminar was held by Professor Mori himself, who remained for the time of the Heki Taikai.
In all, 11 teams applied to the competition which has taken place in good mood despite the capricious weather.

Team competition results:

2016 - Hungary, Hajdúnánás / Teams competition results:

#1 Budo-Club Karlsruhe e.V. (Germany)#2 Bukyukai Kyudojo (Hungary)#3 Kyudojo Frankfurt e.V. (Germany)
Michael BrettschneiderKárolyi TamásAndreas Naumann
Bärbel StenftenagelMarsi KárolyMathias Roy
Jörg KnütterNagy ÁkosVolker Kempf
Otmar HirthJuhász DávidYoko Oikawa

Individual competition results:

2016 - Hungary, Hajdúnánás / Individual competition results:

1.Antonio RenzoItaly - Associazione Kyudo Vento Di Primavera Bareggio
2.Simma JodokAustria - Momiji Kai Kyudo Verein Wien
3.Krzysztof HaczekPoland - Kyudo Club Tamemoto

We, the team of organizers want to thank all of the contestants and all of our guests for coming and spending these unforgettable days together! Special thanks to Mori Sensei that had the opportunity to come to us. It means a lot to us.

Hereby we congratulate the winners for the results achieved. See you next year!

Until then good luck and gambatte kudesai!


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